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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Picture Day Outfit {sewing}

Last Friday was picture day for M's PreK class. I always try and dress the girls in something bright and patterned so they pop against the normal grey, blue or black school backgrounds.

This outfit I actually started about 3 months ago, yep that is about how long it has been since I touched my machines. However I never finished this outfit. So while thinking of what to dress her in, I remembered this and decided to finish it. I am in LOVE!

The tunic style top is a pattern  from Sis Boom called "Emily Bell sleeve" and the pants are the same ones I made back in Oct  from Lily Bird Studio called "Ben & Mia".

I already love the pants as you know, but am so excited about how beautiful the top turned out and will be making more for my girls this summer. I love sewing for my girls.


Pieni Lintu said...

Very pretty!

Beck said...

SWEET! I would also like to speculate that the pics you took and posted here are oodles better than what you're gonna get for school pics! You're an inspiration!

Seamingly Smitten said...

SOOOO gorgeous! I love the tunic top and the material you chose. Her picture day will be beautiful!
Seamingly Smitten

Nancy Claeys said...

She looks so good in that color combination, Stephanie. Great job and thanks for sharing!

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Super cute Steph, I have a Sis Bloom bag pattern I'm going to be trying to make soon. Love the fabric it's so vibrant and really looks great on M with her blond hair!

Mo 'Betta said...

Someone is a natural born model :) Cute, cute outfit!


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