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Friday, June 6, 2014

Wood Watches by JORD Review and Giveaway #jordwatch

Life gets hectic and for the past few months I have been turning down requests for reviews. However when I read an email request from a JORD representative I was very intrigued. After checking out the website I knew I had to spread the word about JORD and their wood watches. That's right WOOD watches.

The beauty of these watches caught my attention right away but I was still amazed they were made from wood. I have never seen such a thing and knew I needed a closer look. Would they be heavy? Would the craftsmanship really be as pretty as the pictures online? I know it would be smashing on a guy but what would it look like on a feminine wrist?

Photo via my Instagram

My JORD package arrived and I was so excited! Let me tell you, it was so hard to choose which beautiful design to review. It literally took me two days but I finally decided and went with the Fieldcrest Black. If you follow me on Instagram you saw my immediate "wahoo" post. 

The JORD wood watch is even more stunning in person. Beautiful craftsmanship, color and I love the use of difference wood grains. Even more impressive is how light weight the watch is, like a feather!

Hubster has been a wood worker even before joining the Marine Corps over 23 years ago. He hand makes all the plaques for his Marines when they leave, so in our home wood becomes an often topic. When he got home I could not wait to show him the watch. He was floored and to the point that he wanted to steal it to show all the Marines at work..lol

JORD is a Swedish word for earth, soil and land. Beautiful name for a beautiful product. JORD uses woods from all over the word and combines various grains and natural colors to create a one of a kind, premium quality time pieces that are hand crafted from sustainable materials.

The people from JORD Wood Watches would like to share the love with one of our fabulous readers! One lucky winner will receive the same stunning watch I received, the Fieldcrest Black!! There are many ways to enter so do as many as you can to gain the max amount of entries! 

Disclaimer: I was contacted via email to write a review. I received the previously mentioned product free of charge to review. I received no monitory compensation. All comments and opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and are unbiased.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Upgraded Work Room {Whoot Whoot}

On August 21st 2011 I blogged about my sewing room ( link here) and the plans for it. We had just moved to Pennsylvania  from California 4 months before and were still getting settled in but I knew this room needed a serious makeover.

 Yikes look at that paint job!

After finding the perfect color of aqua the redesign began and the outcome was fabulous!! I could have not been more excited about my new work room space and how it was all coming together. 

Then in another post came the shelves, a little corner office work area and I even duct taped my daughter to make a custom dress form...lol (link here)

I really loved my new improved beautiful room with a door that I could close to keep the rif raf out while I worked. For the past {almost} three years it has served me well but the past few months it has felt very cramped and suffocating. My business is growing and I need to grow with it. So what to do? 

One day I was talking to hubby about possibly switching rooms with my youngest daughter M. She caught wind of it and was totally on board! This was a solution that would work for many reasons. Besides me needed a bigger room, her and C really were on top of each other constantly and the bickering was getting out of control. So moving M downstairs and letting C have full run of the upstairs was an idea we could not pass up.

While I was sad to leave my custom painted room, I was so excited about the extra space. I had been down sick for a week but I wasn't going to let that stop me on moving day. I worked my butt off (which later would cause me to relapse) and got it done! 

Cutting table (Instagram)

Now my daughters room we painted purple and pink when we moved in. I first thought I would want to change the color, but I am kind of liking the soft colors. So for now I will leave it

New fabric storage

Work area

Mail and notions area

Is still have room to work with and more storage pieces and maybe some fitting art work to buy, but I am so loving this new space. It has a much more open creative flow and I feel wicked inspired. How does M like her new room?

She loves it, especially the blue carpet...lol

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sandy Tunic PDF Pattern from Lily Bird Studio {Giveaway Link}

Wow twice in the same week I am back on my blog! I said I wanted to try harder and here I am. What has kept me away from blogging like I used to is family and work of course. I have been very blessed that my business Sew Fierce Boutique had it's most successful year in 2013 and so far 2014 is already blowing last year out of the water!

On top of my business sewing work I have been lucky enough to be a regular pattern tester for the fabulous Lily Bird Studio. I have used Lily Bird Studios's patterns for years now, well before being asked to be a tester because her designs are beautiful, sometimes a little challenging (which I love) and always so easy to assemble and follow. She goes above and beyond in her design details to create a beautiful finished look.

Lily Bird's newest pattern is the Sandy's Tunic. This tunic features a front yoke with pintuks and a wide comfortable bodice. It closes at the front with 3 buttons or snap fasteners (instructions to install the snap fasteners are included in the tutorial).

What I also love about Lily Bird's patterns is the options! This tunic has 3 sleeve options; short sleeve, elbow length sleeve and full length sleeve. The tutorial includes the instructions to make each sleeve and has 3 different hem options; straps (for the short sleeves only), regular hem and elastic cuff.

Here is the one I made. Unfortunately it was still in the 20's with lots of snow on the ground so outside pictures were not an option but I love the way it turned out and love the look of the pintuks. I have done pintuks before but if you haven't this is a great pattern to learn from. Very easy to understand step by step instructions. It wasn't this easy when I first taught myself to do them that is for sure..lol

Right now Lily Bird Studio is having a GIVEAWAY for this just released pattern! If you stop by their BLOG you will find more fun pictures of testers creations and the giveaway Rafflecopter. However if you wish to just purchase the pattern there is a special going on! The price for the tunic is already at a low price of $5.00 but if you buy the Sandy Tunic and another fabulous pattern (or more) you will get 20% off at checkout! Just head over to Lily Bird Studios website, pick your patterns and use Code "PFB20OFF".

I just finished testing another beautiful pattern for Lily Bird Studio, the Laura Dress. I am so in love with this design and I can't wait to share that on my next post! Stay tuned friends.

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