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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

First Day Of School Cakes {Tradition}

When we were stationed in VA I had the pleasure of meeting and becoming close friends with Sharon of Mama's A Mess. On the first day of school she would make her eldest daughter a cake with the current school grade decorated on it. Watching year after year the progression and changes in her daughter was beautiful. I then decided when the girls started Kindergarten I wanted to bring that first day of school tradition into our home.

So every year since Kindergarten I make a cake, decorate it and then when the girls get home we snap a picture. It has only been a few years since starting the tradition but the girls remember it and plan what flavor of cake and frosting they want well before school starts.

This year with the big moved a week before school started I decided to make it easier on myself and to make mini cupcakes in the shape of this years school grade. Plus I really didn't want and my waistline doesn't need two full double layer cakes in my fridge. 

So far I have seen the most change in C but she is the oldest and has had two more years of cakes then M. It is just such a fun tradition and I look forward to it each year just as much as the girls do.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hindenburg Disaster, Avon by the Sea and Apple Picking?

Visiting the Hindenburg crash site

What does the Hindenburg, the beach and apple picking have in common? It is how we spent our weekend! If you follow me on Instagram then you already knew the answer and if you don't...well why not?? My mom flew in from California on Thursday evening for a two week visit. It is perfect timing because we are trying to explore this new place we live in so she gets to come along for the ride.

Memorial plaque

Hindenburg Hanger

Hubby, mom and I went to visit the Hindenburg site at Lakehurst on Friday while the kids were in school. There was a nice memorial on the ground, nothing fancy. It was pretty cool being on the site and seeing the gigantic hanger where the Hindenburg as created and housed.


 Hindenburg Disaster 1937

Saturday was hot and humid so we made a run down to Avon by the Sea. It was our first time there and it is a beautiful beach and boardwalk. We didn't spend a lot of time because quickly we noticed a huge storm coming over the beach. 

Thanks to all the rain on Saturday the temperature was much cooler for Sunday. So we headed out to the local orchard to pick peaches and apples. It has been a few years since we picked our own fruits and it is always a fun family day. The peaches were the size of soft balls and the Honeycrisp apples are divine! The family has requested I make the take and carry apple pies I blogged about HERE back in 2011.

So far it looks like New Jersey is going to be a fun duty station for us. Lots of things to do, very close to the ocean and the local produce is everywhere. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Congratulations MGySgt Now It is Time To PCS - USMC - E9

Once again our family has had many changes happen over the past few months. The biggest of the year is that hubby pinned on Master Gunnery Sergeant earlier this month! I am so proud of him. Almost 24 years in the United States Marine Corps what a wonderful way for him to end his career. The man is old school Marine Corps. Works hard, always watches out for the welfare of his Marines and will do anything to help them succeed in their own careers.

His Unit held a great ceremony for him on drill weekend and his LtCol flew in from CA so he could be the one to pin him.

LtCol did some research and found that 0.4% of Marines actually make it to the rank of E9 and even fewer actually go the route of MGySgt. Wow!

The girls did a great job video recording the whole ceremony....

Hubby giving one of his "unique" motivation speeches..."as your carrier progress through this Wyoming Valley of the shadow of the death, have no fear, for you occupy this valley and the shadow is yours. OORAH"

Two weeks after this day the true chaos started. The packers came to our house, the movers followed behind and we PCS'd from our home of three years in PA to a new home and duty station in NJ!! That's right we are already gone. We are on day 3 in our new home and it is starting to settle down. I still have a lot to organize and the girls start their new school next week. This will be our final adventure as hubby is at the top of his career. Two short years and we will be moving once again but it will be to our forever home. Can't wait!


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